ProDeluxe SkinVac SV12013

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UltraRadiance Skinvac Prodeluxe SV12013

ProDeluxe SkinVac SV12013


The ProDeluxe SkinVac SV12013 by UltraRadiance is a professional grade microdermabrasion machine, with electroplated diamond chips on the polished stainless steel tip of the wand. The diamonds are gently rubbed against the skin, which causes the dead skin cells to be sloughed off. The integrated vacuum removes the dead cells from the treatment area. This process not only removes the dead skin, the suction increases blood flow and stimulates elastin and collagen, which promote stronger skin.

It works well to reduce:

  • Fine lines
  • Acne
  • Dull skin
  • Light acne scarring

The end results are a more youthful complexion.

A quick note about SkinVacMD products: The SkinVacMD product line by Vacubrasion provides both full end-to-end solutions that include the vacuum as well as the diamond tips and wand. However, they also have a stand alone conversion kit that allows you to convert nearly any vacuum into a microdermabrasion machine. If you already have a vacuum with a 1 1/4 inch hose, this conversion kit will work great.

How to use the Machine?

  1. Start off easy. Take is slow and don't over do the process.
  2. Test the suction on the back of your hand to make sure it is at the proper level before applying it to your face.
  3. Pull your skin tight in the opposite direction than you apply the wand.
  4. Gently pass the wand over the treatment area in a nice even movement.
  5. Lift the wand off the skin between passes to allow air flow to the machine. This will avoid having the machine overheat.

This treatment is non-invasive, non-chemical and requires no anesthesia. Treatments are recommended for two to three minutes once or twice a week or 5 to 10 minutes every month, and the beneficial results can be seen after the first treatment. If you have been getting professional treatments regularly, the ProDeluxe SkinVac SV12014, will pay for itself within a year.

Features and Accessories

The kit contains:

  • The all-in-one microdermabrasion conversion set
  • A stainless steel ergonomic wand
  • (2) diamond stainless steel tips
  • (1) attachment for strong suction
  • (1) adjustable attachment for light and medium suction
  • (1) reinforced clear plastic tubing to connect the wand to the air regulator and the cleaning pads and instructions.

Diamond Tips

The diamond tip heads are suitable for normal or sensitive skin, can be used on the hands, faces, and other parts of the body as well. It works well on the upper chest and neck and will reduce calluses.


The full suction action is strong and will definitely remove dead skin, debris and dirt. But it can also be easily adjusted down to a medium or light force. Suction is controlled through a regulator around the neck of the hose, allowing for precise control over the total volume of airflow.


The biggest downfall of this machine is it's lack of portability. It's definitely not as portable as some devices. There is no carrying case and the vacuum and hoses can be bulky to store not to mention travel with. However, unlike some microderm machines, there are no required creams, filters, crystals, monthly fees or replacement tips required.

Ease of Use

The ProDeluxe SkinVac has been manufactured to last for years and only needs to be cleaned with an alcohol wipe or professional grade sterilizing solutions. It requires little upkeep while offering men and women an affordable alternative to expensive treatments such as Botox, cosmetic surgery and chemical peels.


When the skin is treated regularly with ProDeluxe SkinVac, the anti-aging aspect becomes apparent. Fine lines don’t develop into deep wrinkles as quickly, and the skin tone becomes even without the dark spots caused by sun damage and age.

The machine has been developed and tested by dermatologists but not on animals, and has even been approved by PeTA! It was tested on all skin types and is suitable for sensitive skin. All-in-all it is a fantastic option that is safe and effective for home use.

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